Mausoleum - Corridor of Hope - 2nd Addition

Construction was started in August 2022 and significant pre-construction discounts continue to be available. Act now to receive these discounts!

The Corridor of Hope 2nd Addition will feature Italian marble companion and single crypts, accents of beautiful native black walnut paneling, large arched windows, and the most unique glass-front niche options available anywhere in Iowa.

Corridor of Hope 2nd Addition, exterior

 Corridor of Hope 2nd Addition, interior

Semi-Private Elite Room

Corridor of Hope 2nd Addition, private rooms 

Those who have loved deeply during life need a place to go to feel that vital connection following the death of a loved one. The semi-private Elite Room will provide a sanctuary for family members to seek comfort and share memories.

Creating a legacy is important to many families, and the semi-private elite room will be the place future generations come to understand their heritage. In addition to the rich finishes of Italian marble and native black walnut, all crypts in the Elite Room will include custom signatures to memorialize the life and legacy. 

The advantages of mausoleum entombment

  • Built upon a rock foundation that is over 200 feet deep, everything about the Chapel of Memories Mausoleum speaks of its permanent nature and sheer beauty.
  • For strength and permanence, it is constructed of steel reinforced, precast and poured-in-place concrete.
  • The exterior features enduring limestone, known for its unsurpassed durability.
  • The interior is finished with fine black walnut and Italian marble.
  • Features stunning mosaics, water features, and brilliant stained glass windows.
  • Entombment is the driest form of burial known to mankind.
  • Above ground entombment offers a climate-controlled interior with protection from the elements, as well as positive ventilation for each crypt.

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