GriefCare Line

The GriefCare Line is a 24-hour telephone grief counseling service designed especially for our families in eastern Iowa. It is staffed by trained, compassionate counselors with a required college degree in Human Services. The GriefCare Line is overseen by Iowa's only certified crisis counseling center, Foundation 2. All calls are free and remain completely confidential.

To use the GriefCare Line, please contact us to request your private access number.

Why does my family need the GriefCare Line?

Our experience has shown that a few weeks or even months after the funeral of a loved one, a family may have questions, concerns, or simply need to talk to someone. We understand families often need continued support and information long after the funeral is over.

How does the GriefCare Line work?

Our funeral directors and family service counselors provide GriefCare Line access cards with our private number to family members during the arrangement conference and our AfterCare follow-up call. Family members are encouraged to call anytime, from anywhere, when they simply need to talk to someone. GriefCare Line counselors are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to listen and offer support.

GriefCare Line counselors are dedicated to assisting callers in finding the kind of help they may need. That may mean referral to a local support group, in-office appointments or in most cases, simply listening with an empathetic ear. GriefCare Line counselors are thoroughly trained on providing empathetic, warm, and caring support with all callers. Our counselors have an incredible ability to assess the emotional situation of GriefCare Line callers which aids them in providing the kind of assistance necessary.

How much does it cost?

The GriefCare Line is an exclusive service provided by Cedar Memorial. There is no charge for the service. However, those calling outside the Cedar Rapids area will have a long distance charge on their home phone bill.