Caskets, Urns & Vaults


We offer a full range of casket models, materials and personalization items. Caskets range from as low as $762 to $14,775. Our Funeral Directors or Family Service Counselors can explain your options.

For more information, please contact us at any of our locations.

Premium wood caskets are constructed of the finest walnut and cherry hardwoods and finished with rich varnishes and premium hardware. They are available in full-polished, hand-rubbed high gloss or satin finish.

Premium metal caskets feature precious metals such as copper and bronze. Copper resists corrosion and is one-third stronger than stainless steel. Natural, brushed, or painted finishes are applied by skilled artisans.

Hardwood caskets are made of traditional oak and finished with warm lacquers and premium hardware. They are available in full-polished, hand-rubbed high gloss or satin finish.

Stainless steel caskets provide many of the quality and durability benefits of premium metal, at the price of standard steel. Families are familiar with the value of stainless steel from everyday life.

Softwood caskets are available in poplar or pine. They are finished in natural tones and feature durable hardware.

Carbon steel caskets combine long-lasting durability and affordability. Steel caskets are available in a range of colors — from blues, browns, blacks and grays to peaceful pastels in purples, pinks and blues. 18-gauge or 20-gauge steel.

Natura caskets are made from natural and fair-trade materials, eliminate the use of metal components, and utilize water-based or vegetable oil-based finishes. They are lined in 100% natural cotton.

Trappist caskets are the work of the monks of New Melleray Abbey in Peosta, Iowa. They use wood of local origin — much of it coming from their own prized forest. The Trappists hold a special mass and plant a tree in honor of each person who is buried in a Trappist casket. Trappist caskets are available in traditional rectangular and shaped styles; and in three woods—walnut, oak and pine.


Memorial Urns are permanent containers for the cremated body. A wide range of styles and prices appropriate for burial, niches, scattering, keepsakes or discreet placement in a home.

Some urns are ornately designed for display purposes while others are very basic in style. Many of the urns can also be personalized with engravings or laser designs. They range in price from $25 to $6,070.

Please contact us at any of our locations for a private showing or you may request an informational packet be delivered to your home.


A burial vault is a lined and sealed outer receptacle that houses the casket. It helps protect the casket from the elements and maintains the integrity of the grave. Vaults range from $710 to $9,435.

Premium vaults provide premium reinforced protection against subsoil elements and the weight of heavy cemetery maintenance equipment.

Standard vaults are made of high-strength concrete, stainless steel, and high-impact ABS Trilon® thermoplastic, which combine for durable inner protection in a double-reinforced vault.

Basic vaults are single-reinforced and feature concrete construction combined with plastic-reinforcement for strength.

Vaults may be personalized with many options including full color prints, emblems, and appliqués.