Urn Selections

Creative Ways to Memorialize with Cremation

Honoring a life lived with cremation options.

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90th Small

Celebrating 90 Years

Reflecting on the 90 years of service at Cedar Memorial

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Preplanning Peace of Mind

Does your family know your wishes?

How preplanning can help survivors know what you want.

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Cedar Memorial Park Cemetery Winter

Cemetery Winter Operations - How We Serve

Learn about our innovative solutions for winter cemetery operations.

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Compassionate Care

Reconnecting with Life After a Loss

Healing through giving to others.

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Cedar Memorial Cremation

New Report on Cremation Preferences

Learn more how Cedar Memorial is the area's premier cremation provider.

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Empowering with Preplanning

Planning ahead helps you and your family.

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Funeral Etiquette

Funeral Etiquette

What do I wear to a funeral? What do I say to the grieving?

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Cedar Memorial Cemetery

How to Make a Cremation Service Meaningful

Honoring the life when selecting cremation.

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Preplanning Your Wishes

Preplanning your own funeral is simple with the experienced and professional staff at Cedar Memorial.

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Coping with the Holidays

Tools for the holidays after a death loss.

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The Top Three Myths About Preplanning

Preplanning offers long term savings and peace of mind.

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Cremation Personalization

The Many Options that Come with Cremation

When selecting cremation, many options are available.

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Personalizing a Funeral

The Many Ways to Personalize a Loved One’s Farewell

Bringing the personal touch to every event.

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