Serenity Premium Traditional Burial

Interment Rights

• Feature Spaces for two burials in the Garden of Serenity

• Closest in proximity to the Serenity Fountain, a complementary companion to the Tranquility Fountain

Burial Vaults

• Two Cedar Healing Tree vaults, with a premium polystyrene lining inside and out

• Houses the casket and provides excellent protection from the elements and the weight of the earth

• Healing Tree incorporates a ceremony that allows family members to take a memory ring as a keepsake, helping families to remember, celebrate and heal during their final good-byes

Enduring Bronze Memorial with Vase

• Extra-large 56" x 16" Companion Memorial Marker on granite base

• Offered in a variety of colors and includes an integral bronze vase

• Up to three emblems and ten words of inscription (Subject to available surface area and manufacturing limitations)