Julia Primrose

Born in Mount Auburn, IA
Born on Jul 12, 1921
Departed on Nov 21, 2023

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I met Julia through Tom, when she lived at The Villages. We became friends. When she moved to Willow Gardens we would often do jigsaw puzzles together. One special dog one we glued to hang on her wall. I dont know what happened to the frame i dropped off for the puzzle or the puzzle itself because of the pandemic. During the pandemic we didnt see each other. Afterwards we were only allowed to visit in the lobby. Then one day I went to visit and she was no longer living there. Due to privacy laws they were not able to tell me where she moved. I didn't know where Pat had moved either. I tried calling Julias phone, but ( I'm sure, due to her hearing,) she didn't answer. Eventually her phone was disconnected. I thought of her often, and tried reaching out to different people, for information, but I was unable to contact Julia again. I'm sorry I wasn't able to see her, I hope she knew it I was thinking of her. My condolences to her family. Joyce Vail.