Veteran Burial Service

Veteran Burial Options

Professional Services

• Basic Services of Funeral Director and Staff
• Embalming by Iowa Licensed Directors and Other Preparation of Body


• One Day of Visitation or Gathering
• Facilities and Staff for Funeral Ceremony
• Music Licensing Fees
• Staff Organist/Pianist at Cedar Memorial Facilities
• Equipment and Staff for Graveside Service
• Coordination of Military Honors


• Transfer of Loved One to Funeral Home
• Funeral Coach to Place of Service and Disposition
• Lead Car for Minister and Family to Place of Disposition (4 passengers)
• Limousine for up to 7 Family Members
• Service/Utility Car for Flowers and Other Errands


• Choice of Three Military Caskets
• Branch of Service Casket Head Panel
• Vault Purchased Separately

Tribute Services

• $100 Toward Service Flowers at Our Flower Shop
• Carnation Boutonnières and Flag Lapel Pins for Pallbearers
• Veteran Memorial Record Package
• Cherry Flag Case with Glass Front
• AfterCare Services