Charline McDermott

Born in Iowa City, IA
Born on Aug 31, 1934
Departed on Oct 31, 2020

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Dear Jack and all of your family, You have my sincere condolences and prayers for the loss of my kind and beautiful friend and classmate at the Visitation. I feel blessed to have had her in my life. Char enjoyed wonderful care from you for so many years. God bless. RIP , my lovely friend. ??

What a wonderful tribute to Charline. I remember hanging out with Teri at her house and Charline was always smiling and made me feel so welcome. She will be missed!

What a wonderful tribute to Charline. I remember hanging out with Teri at her house and Charline was always smiling and made me feel so welcome. She will be missed!

Dear Jack and Family. What a wonderful tribute to Charline. Beautiful lady and wonderful family that you have raised. Our sincere sympathy to all of you. Remembering the McDermott reunions in past years and blessed to have you as part of it. Praying for your grieving hearts and for comfort remembering all the influence Charline and blessings she brought to your lives.

Dear Uncle Jack and family, We were and are truly blessed to have the great family that God gave us. I have many wonderful memories of the McDermott gatherings. Please carry on your Mother's legacy by showing your love everyday to God's brothers and sisters. I pray that God gives you his Peace. Stay safe, Love Always and God bless. Cousin Mary Michon Maher.

Dear Jack and all of your family, You have my sincere condolences and prayers for the loss of my kind and beautiful friend and classmate at the Visitation. I feel blessed to have had her in my life. Char enjoyed wonderful care from you for so many years. God bless. RIP , my lovely friend. ??

Dear McDermott Families, please accept our deepest sympathy at the loss of our friend and classmate her kindness and gentle calm will never be forgotten. You are in our prayers.

Dear Family of Charline, My sympathy to all of you. She was a true witness to Jesus. May God comfort all of you!

Dear beloved McDermott family members, I am so sorry for your loss of Charlene, the wonderful matriarch of your family. I always loved her for the kindness she showed to me since I was a child, and for that personality filled with spunk, playfulness, patience, wisdom and warmth. I pray for your grieving hearts, and send you lots of love and wishes for peace and comfort.

To all the McDermott cousins & their family we offer out sincere sympathy. Char led a full life with so many blessings with all you as her family. I remember so many family outings at parks and their home in Toddville. Char always welcomed whoever could attend and was very patient. She had a great smile and was loving touch. We will hold onto all the good memories. We will be sending a memorial in her name. God Bless

Sisters of the Visitation and the Visitation Academy Alumnae Association offer our sympathy and prayers to all of Charline's family. Charline was a marvelous person. She was blessed with a very caring husband who made the extra effort to bring her to the Alumnae luncheons. We were always grateful to see her again. Our prayers will continue for all of you.

Jack, I am so sorry to read where you're wonderful wife Charline has passed on to her glorious home with the Holy Trinity. Having lost my wife Joy, recently I share your sorrow but we both know they are still watching over us and praying for us and loved ones. Jim McCarthy

My sweet, sweet Grandma-mother of 9, grandmother to 29, great grandma to 48, and great-great grandma to 4, the matriarch of our enormous McDermott clan-You will be so missed but your love and memories will live on through us. You have touched us all and taught us the importance of faith, family, and truly unconditional love. Watch over us sweet angel. So many memories have come flooding through...watching birds with you from your kitchen window, picking pears and apples from your trees, coming in with mulberry juice all over our bare feet and hands and being sent straight to the sink/tub. You teaching me the best way to do WordFinds, and of being terrified in the backseat of your car as your road rage came out and you would shake your fist and yell oh, scheister! Your love for all the babies...oh sooo many McDermott babies! And you blessed each one of us on the forehead with your holy water on sleepovers at Grandmas. You would sneak cake, cake, and more cake, and smother things in butter and lick the butter knife, not to waste any! The last few years have been so difficult as you lost your memories, recognition of each of us, and your ability to speak. Although the Alzheimer's took that away from you, you found ways to let us know you were still there-with a smile, a nod, a squeeze of the hand. You would simply melt into our hugs, especially from Grandpa. You only had to hear his voice to perk up and look around waiting for him to find you, sit next to you, and embrace you. The love you and Grandpa shared, up til the very end was inspiring to all of us, and that love will live on. I never would have imagined this is how you would leave this world, amidst a global pandemic. Covid has taken away our ability to grieve together, to hug each other, to give you that one last embrace from Grandpa, and from each of us. It has thrown our world upside down and taken you away from us more suddenly than we imagined. But you are free now and with your creator, your Father in heaven. On the day you left this world, I sat rocking Maya with tears in my eyes, and I could suddenly feel your presence come over me, as if you were hugging me with that big smile of yours and saying I'm still here-I will always be right here, watching over each of you and those babies of yours, as you shook your finger like you always did, and then an image of your beautiful smile, and the feeling was gone. I know that you were there with me in that moment and that you will always be here with us, watching as we learn and grow and make mistakes as we always do. You will be waiting patiently in peace until we meet again. To my fun-loving cousins, my sweet aunts, my goofy uncles, and my parents who are all grieving, and who I cannot hug or touch, let us honor her with our memories. Let us rejoice that she is at peace, and "Be good! Grandma says!"

Jack and family, accept my warmest condolences, so sorry for your loss.

Dear Jack, Patti, Teri, Steve, John, Diny, Booboo, Nancy, Janet and Sarah. I am so sorry for the grief you are experiencing at the passing of your beloved wife and mother. She was a jewel and a guiding force of your family and to myself. She was nothing but pleasant and joyful when our families were around. What a wonderful lasting beautiful picture of a matriarch I will have in my mind when i think of her. I know she is free and rejoicing with her Loved ones in heaven and on earth. God bless you all in this time of sorrow and grief. Although cant be there, I am celebrating a woman with a life well lived and certainly in the arms of the Lord again. Love and hugs, Shari

Jack and Family, You are in our thoughts and prayers. We are sure you have many happy memories to ease the pain. These past years have been difficult for all of you. My mother traveled that long journey of Alzheimer's.

God blessed you aunt Char with a riotous, incredibly fun to be around 9 children. I treasure the summer fun days playing in the yard when we'd visit you in Toddville and the great fun on Freddies Beach vacations Oh, the memories when some of us kids got to sleep over with our cousins! I was astounded the first time I heard Uncle Jacks snore!. How did any of you ever fall asleep? Since you had lots of children every one of us in the Jim and Marita Theisen family had several of your kids as very good friends. Visiting you, Jack and everyone in your one bathroom home on 31st street was always a blast. Loving, an easy going hostess, wonderful aunt. I will never forget you. I'm quite sure God welcomed you at the pearly gates and said to you, "Well done, my good and faithful servant". Love and miss you Aunt Char!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the whole McDermott clan. Charline was a wonderful aunt and I still hold close all the memories of summers with Char, Jack, and all of our cousins. It has been great to share parts of the journey together. Char was always a welcoming and generous soul. Although we do not see each other often, we still feel a deep connection to our McDermott family. We wish we could be there with you all to share the memories, as Char would have loved. Know that we will be with you in spirit and prayer throughout the day. As Char takes on the next part of the journey without us, for a while, we pray her soul will quickly return to the loving hands of the Lord.

Jack, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family on the loss of Charline. You were a great team together and you both have built so many great relationships among your family and friends. May you all be blessed with the many fine memories you built together. Blessings and best wishes, Don

Jack and family, My sympathy and prayers to you. It was always my pleasure to bring communion to Charline at Meadowview. It was beautiful to Jack and Charline’s love still flowing as they hugged and kissed one another. Peace, Chris Peck St.Jude Church

My deepest sympathy on the loss of your wife. I remember meeting her at one of our reunions. I haven't kept in touch with a lot of our 1952 classmates since we stopped having reunions. I hope and pray you are well; know that Char is at peace in the arms of our Lord and Savior. God bless. Tom Schneider

To Jake and the McDermott Clan: On behalf of the O'Brien family, we extend our heartfelt condolence in your loss of Charline. Our families know the joy that she brought you. While we are scattered about the country having left Iowa, we all reach out to you at this time. Charline was always warm and kind, and she put up with the rambunctious commotion the "boys" would cause when we were together, but she enjoyed our spirit and comraderie. I know this is hard right now, but the memories she gave us will see you through this with a smile as she was a sweet and gentle woman who was always looking out for us. Please take care all of you and give the Kahuna a shoulder to lean on. Elizabeth Gorman, Patrick, John, Mary and J.C. O'Brien

Diane & Charlie & family. We were sorry to hear about your Mom & Grandmothers passing. I wish it was possible to attend, but not during these times. Know we will think of you & all your family. I am sure she has been warmly welcomed in her new place. Beautiful obituary . God Bless

One word to describe grandma. Amazing! She was a great wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandparent. Growing up, I had all of my wonderful memories growing up as a kid on Midway Rd. I remember picking apples from the apple tree, learning how to swim in the swimming pool, swinging on the swing set, sledding down the hill (hoping not to hit the barbed wire fence) picking berries from the trees, playing in the all seasons porch when I ate dog food as a dare, playing the piano in the basement, spoons, and other crazy things we did and always played cards. At Grandma and Grandpa's we always loved watching movies Little women and The sound of music! I loved when all of us cousins played dress up with Grandma's old play clothes and then we went to put on a play out in the yard for the family! I remember additionally going to see the caboose across the street, swimming in the swimming "hole" and we were all scared of the fish and turtles that were in there. I love how I went to Grandma's during the summer and she would allow us to ride the bikes on the highway in the "loop." And the most rewarding moments was knowing that my grandma appreciated our help when we were able to clean her entire house from dusting everything, to toilets, vacuum and scrubbing floors and to earn money! I could go on and on with more memories and family gatherings, but the best thing about Grandma is the love that she has for everybody! She is now peacefully resting with the Lord. I love you and already miss you!

My sweet, beautiful Grandma McDermott. She was always present in my life growing up and into adulthood. From family baptisms and 1st communions, school plays, softball games, music concerts, sleepovers, graduations, baking, holidays, and too many birthday parties to count, she was always there. Grandma filled my life and our big family’s life with faith and love, laughter, food, and deep friendships with my cousins that will last a lifetime. I’ve always been so thankful for the amazing family she helped build and the celebrations we had over the years that will never be forgotten. My littlest one shares your name and I have loved seeing your eyes light up when I would show up each year with a new baby to sit in your lap. ???? I love you, Grandma. Rest peacefully now, and look down on us all from above until we meet again. Love you forever.