Clyde Bean

Born in Cedar Rapids, IA
Born on May 25, 1929
Departed on May 20, 2016

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I am so very sorry to hear of Mr. Bean passing his dear family and friends. May you receive much comfort, and support and love from all at this sad time. Please know that our love ones are coming back to life by means of Jesus Christ and the resurrection thanks to Jehovah God. John 5:28,29 says: do not be amazed at this because the hour is coming when all those in the memorial tomb will hear Jesus voice and come out. They remember everything about us so it is not impossible.

To the Bean family - Mr. Bean was an inspiration and a great role model for all of us who attended City High. The last time I saw him was at Jim Sangster's memorial service. There was a two hour wait in line to greet the family and he and his wife stood the whole time to get to them. He was probably 85 then and still tough as nails. Please accept my sympathies on your loss. Bill...Class of 1964

Mrs. Dean, Mrs. Bean, Another very painful moment for you and your family. I am very sorry for your loss but also pleased to see so many reaching out with words of encouragement and stories of how you both have touched so many lives. Thank you for your service to the Iowa City-Cedar Rapids area for so many years. Clyde will truly be missed by many. May God bless you and comfort you during this time. Sincerely, Paul Prachar Former CRPD Sergeant

My sympathy to the Bean family. He was a great man. He was such a great influence on my brother. Don thought so much of him. I'm sure they are together having a great talk.

Uncle Clyde.... what can I say that hasn't been said already.... The memories I have always bring a smile to my face. Although I have not seen you in a while, you were always with me. Much love to our family as we say farewell to a great man! Until we see you again....

My thoughts and prayers to Clyde, his family and all who knew him. His life personified all that is good in the world. He was always dignified, sincere, caring and passionate with the students at City High. He made everyone he met a better person. Never to be forgotten. God Bless.

My thoughts and prayers to Clyde, his family and all who knew him. His life personified all that is good in the world. He was always dignified, sincere, caring and passionate with the students at City High. He made everyone he met a better person. Never to be forgotten. God Bless.

My sincere condolences to the Bean family. Clyde got the best out of people because he held people to high standards and believed that they could reach that standard. He had high expectations for his wrestlers on and off the mat. Clyde had as much or more influence on me than any other teacher I had at City High. What I am most thankful for was his unwavering belief in me. He made you believe in yourself – what a wonderful gift to give young people. I also know that any “grit” or determination I may have developed in my own character I largely owe to Clyde. He was more than my wrestling coach and I am forever thankful to have known him.

I had a PE class where we were doing archery. I had never seriously shot a bow and arrow before. Arrows flying all over the place, except on the target. Clyde came over and stood just a couple feet away from me. He did not say anything. I knew he was focused on that very moment, what I would do next. He was truly interested. I focused, and shot a bull's eye. I was in disbelief. Then he said, "That was perfect. Now do it again." I started thinking about it too much and missed. However, what I always remember about that moment is how Clyde believed I could do something great, and for a moment, I did. It seems he could find the potential for the extraordinary in otherwise average events. The moment still resonates with me. Jeb McWilliam Class of '82

Mr. Bean's imprint on my life is everlasting. That piercing glare was all that one needed to know that they may be out of line while in class. And yes, it was always physical education class and not "gym" class. He "encouraged" me to grow strong by standing on my back while doing push-ups. 25 of them I recall! Thank heavens he was small in physical stature. As I was heading to pick up Tedi on a date I feared that stern demeanor would be greeting me. He was welcoming and thoughtful. Thank heavens he was kind and nurturing! Later in life he hired me to perform carpentry work at his home in Iowa City and later in Cedar Rapids. Thank heavens he was my friend for life! Tedi, I want you and your family to know many, many lives are better lived because of your Dad. ...Steve

We are shocked to hear about Clyde. Our prayers certainly extend to Lea and the family. We enjoyed visiting with Clyde & Lea at church every Sunday. I will always remember how he said, "you talk to much" to Lea but in a nice way. He will be missed by many. God bless your whole family for having him in your life.

Mr. Bean's imprint on my life is everlasting. That piercing glare was all that one needed to know that they may be out of line while in class. And yes, it was always physical education class and not "gym" class. He "encouraged" me to grow strong by standing on my back while doing push-ups. 25 of them I recall! Thank heavens he was small in physical stature. As I was heading to pick up Tedi on a date I feared that stern demeanor would be greeting me. He was welcoming and thoughtful. Thank heavens he was kind and nurturing! Later in life he hired me to perform carpentry work at his home in Iowa City and later in Cedar Rapids. Thank heavens he was my friend for life! Tedi, I want you and your family to know many, many lives are better lived because of your Dad. ...Steve

Mrs. Bean and Family, I have so many wonderful memories of Mr. Bean that it is impossible to list them. Mr. Bean has been such a positive influence on me in my life, I just wish I had paid more attention in my younger years to the lessons of life Mr. Bean was teaching me. You and your Family are in my prayers. Butch

Our deepest sympathies to all of the family. It was my honor and privilege to have met one of the best people in my life. He was always uplifting and helpful to all. When our daughter Nan was injured in an auto accident in 1989 he was at our house to make sure she had her therapy. Her Great Uncle Clyde was there for her! He was great to all of us! If you say angels do not walk among us you had never met Uncle Clyde. He was always helping and giving to everyone. Both Nancie's loved him so much ! Their Uncle Clyde could walk on water... I think I started to believe it too! He could be a trickster but it was always in good jest. So maybe his halo was a little tarnished but he wore it straight. He influenced so many lives and I imagine he never knew how many lives he saved and gave direction to. We love you and will miss you. You may be gone but you are not forgotten in our hearts! Nancie (Bean) and Gary McClure.

My deepest condolences go out to you Lee and your family. I have so many wonderful memories of growing up across the street on Friendly Ave., baby sitting all your children and of course who could forget Clyde at City High! He will certainly be missed in all of our lives.

Coach Bean had an incredible impact on my life. Real good leaders have the ability to take you from where you are right now in life, and take you to where you should be. At a real young age he saw things in me that I sure couldn't see in myself. He taught me that learning is a lifelong quest. He taught me that it is easy to be average and tough to be elite, but if you want something special then fight for it. Little did I know when I went to City High, that I would be taking so many of his lessons and teachings with me into 45 years of Division1 football. I'm sure all of my teammates or any athlete that competed for Mr. Bean knows how to be a relentless competitor, to showcase your respect for each other with your actions, and that every day we need to challenge ourselves to a higher standard. My thoughts and prayers are with the Bean family and hopefully, you will have comfort knowing Clyde Bean inspired all of us. I will carry my love and respect for him with me the rest of my life.

The entire Kirkendall family passes along their condolences to the Bean family on your wonderful patriarch's death. I was thrilled to be able to see and talk with Coach Bean at the 1971 class 40-year reunion. We thoroughly enjoyed reminiscing about the magical CHS 1970 championship football team and season. Coach Bean was an inspirational leader. One of his special gifts was giving highly effective, last-minute motivational speeches to his teams as they were getting ready to leave the locker room and take the field. One of the best pre-game talks that I heard him give was prior to the Mississippi Valley Conference championship football game against CR Washington in 1970. My teammates and I were so pumped as we took the field that I really didn’t think I would ever hear a better pre-game speech. But incredibly, Coach Bean gave an even more inspiring speech to us as we left the locker room to take the field for the second half of that game. That inspiration played a key role in our team winning that close game. Godspeed, Coach Bean.

To the Bean family: thank you for sharing your husband and father with so many. He definitely left a lasting impression, especially that little car he drove, with all of us whether it be "did you shower?" a question asked at the City Park swimming pool to "slow down" when running thru the halls of City High. Jon had so many memories of Coach Bean and his wrestling methods. Several years out of high school, Jon lost a sister to cancer. Not seeing Coach for many years, he came to Cheryl's funeral...this meant a lot to Jon, Tom, and Bill. Mr. Bean, you definitely earned your wings, may you teach square dancing to all the angels, and Godspeed to you, Sir, til we meet again.

In sympathy and rememberance from City High Class of 1959.

Cathy and I would like to extend our condolences to the Clyde Bean family. We were his neighbor for several years in Iowa City. Clyde and Leatrice were always friendly and very good neighbors. Gary & Cathy Kellogg May 23, 2016

Scott I am truly sorry to hear about Clyde's passing. He was truly an inspiration to the sport of wrestling and I admired him as a coach. I know as a father he was very pleased with both you and Mark. Please give my condolences to your family.

Mr. Bean was the best. A great coach and an inspiration to me during my years at City High (62-64). Thank you Coach Bean!

I never participated in sports after 9th grade and devoted my time to music. However, He was my PE instructor at City High class of 1967. I always admired his leadership. He expected nothing less than a full effort without complaints from his students. He would call on me to lead exercises at the beginning of class, so I must have met his expectations. I offer condolences in his passing and respect and admiration for his life.

My deepest sympathy to the family. It's been many, many years, but we were neighbors when you lived in West Union. Clyde always had a smile for all of us kids in the neighborhood. Prayers & hugs for all of you.

My deepest sympathy to the family . Clyde and Ken Reid were my wrestling coaches at City. Coach Bean inspired me to a wrestler I probable could not have been under any other coach. A skinny kid fromCoralville who made it to the State Toutnament in 1963. We also won the Miiisppi Valley Confrence that year . He was s truly remarkable coach, teacher, and Human being !!

To the Bean family - my sincere condolences. I will always remember Mr. Bean and the love and respect I have had for him and for you all. My dad (Keith Borchart) had him as a PE teacher at City High as did my two sisters and me. We were also fortunate enough to know him through church and I still to this day remember my dad telling me that if I ever had a problem at school to let Mr. Bean know and he'd help me out ... and he did many times. My prayers are with you all.

Julie and Family, I am very sorry to hear of your father's passing. I can honestly say that "I can understand how you feel." This may be in different ways, but when you lose a parent, it is a time when you feel like your world has been turned upside down. Stay strong. Praying for you. Kelly

It is with great sadness that I learned of the passing of icon Mr. Clyde Bean. I first met the Beans in 7th grade when Tedi and I became friends at Southeast, from our Mark Twain and Longfellow grade schools. The Beans were always so good to me. Even though Mr. Bean's work was mostly with the boys, he did teach PE to many classes of girls. He was strict, but very fair and always had a twinkle in his eye. He made sure the girls knew the fundamentals and rules of both football and wrestling, skills I still use today, almost 50 years later, when watching sporting events. He also would pick me up many Sunday mornings after home Iowa football games so dozens of us could go clean Kinnick Stadium. Wonderful memories of a wonderful teacher and friend who taught us all so much. Mrs. Bean, Tedi, Tom , and all of your are in my thoughts and prayers.

I was saddened to hear of Mr. Bean's passing. He was a great influence on me when I was a student at City High from 1963 to 1966 and was "encouraged" [very firmly] to try out for the wrestling team by Mr. Bean. I never worked so hard or was ever so tired in my life! Looking back on those late winter afternoons in the Southeast Jr. high wrestling room, Mr. Bean built a lot of character in me and I am forever grateful to him for that. When he asked if anyone was tired, and you raised your hand, you learned right away that was the wrong answer! His response was "take a lap!". But I found that when ever I thought of Mr. Bean, the very first word that came to mind was "respect". I, too will always think of him as "Mr. Bean". My condolences to his family. He was a special person that touched a lot of lives with a tremendous positive influence.

I had Mr. Bean as my PE teacher at City High from 1986-89. He was also the wrestling coach for my dad, Richard Gordon (1962-64), and teacher for my mom, Sheryl (Rosene)Gordon. (1964-67). In fact I think he called me "Sheryl" more often than he called me "Kapra", but would always wink at me afterwards. I am so glad that I got to see Mr. Bean in January at the Bean City Duals, to introduce him to my son who is now wrestling at City High, and to get a picture of my dad, Bob Bream and Bob Dane with Mr. & Mrs. Bean. He is a legacy here at City High and helped to create so many traditions. My thoughts are with all of you.

I was not an athlete or very athletic, but I remember how Mr. Bean encouraged me in P.E. classes. I also recall how he and the other P.E. teachers had to scramble to come up with alternative activities when the gymnasium wall at City High was structurally condemned; the revised curriculum proceeded very smoothly. He was, most obviously, a good man who will be remembered fondly and respectfully by all. -- Toby Dvoretzky, Sugar Land, TX

To the family of one of the most respected men I ever knew... AND ran laps for and completed an insane number of burpees for... I send prayers for peace and laughter at the memories you carry with you. He could scare you to death as he bellowed out directions during PE and warm your heart as he winked when you finished. He was and will remain an icon to all who were lucky enough to have Coach in their lives. God bless you all as you traverse these next weeks of sorrow... we will all meet again!

Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Bean family. Mr. Bean was one of a kind. He was my mentor not only as a coach but as a life shaping influence in my life. He was always there to listen to any concern or problem and could be counted on to give sound advice. Bob enjoyed many years working under Mr. Bean at the Iowa City Swimming Pool, and to being coached by him at the cave at Southeast Junior High. I didn't know until recently that Mr. Bean's first name was Clyde, as I always knew him as "Mr. Bean." He may be gone will never be forgotten.

Tales from the Legend of Clyde Bean Ed Patterson 2016-05-23 Clyde Bean, as would befit a wrestling guy, was a very persistent dude. As regards my joining his wrestling team, he did not seem to understand the word NO, no matter how I spelled it. So in PE class, in the fall of 1963, I remember he matched me up with the prior year’s 154 lb state champion. With a little military training in judo, but otherwise no formal training in wrestling, I was hopping all over the place. It didn’t scare my opponent at all, but he was laughing so hard, that I pinned him in under 30 seconds. I happened to mention the episode in a telephone conversation with my family, who were then stationed for a year at Air War College in Montgomery, AL. The youngest of the 5 Patterson brothers, apparently thought, that if the oldest brother could do it, the youngest could too. Mark Patterson would eventually become Nebraska High School 167 pound class, State Wrestling Champion. So you can add that one to Coach Bean’s State Championship count. LOL

My personal condolences to the Bean Family. Your 'Head Coach' has been called. Mr. Bean was a wonderful gift to us all. I walked into PE one day at City High, ( 1964) and he said, ' are you Brandy's son?', I said, 'yes'. Mr. Bean said, 'GOOD", he's a nice guy and hard worker, I know YOU will be too'... So the bar was set for me. Be a hard worker. 'Drop and give me 5' , (pushups) or 'take 5" (laps) are a part of my life forever. I hated the Peg Board! Mr. Bean solidified my intent of becoming a hardworker in life. God's speed to Mr. Bean.

Hello members of the Clyde Bean Family, to include All the athletes who were blessed to have grown under his leadership and guidance. I was one of the honored who blossomed and developed as a man, player, teacher and coach as a direct result of my relationship with Coach Bean, who took a geniune interest in me as a person. Coach Bean personified and modeled Focus, Follow-thru, and Finish, so it is no surprise that we will see him again on a much larger field and mat in heaven. To Mrs Bean and immediate family, may Gods Grace and Mercy be with you. Stay strong and courageous! Carl Hargrave and family, Edith, Christine, Clayton, Craig and Connie.

I have many memories of Mr. Bean as my PE teacher at ICHS but one stands out above all others. I remember when we had do to the fitness circuit and one of the stations involved having to do pull ups. I got in so much trouble with him for saying I couldn't do pull ups. He lectured me for 5 minutes about using the words "I can't." Then I humbly proceeded to demonstrate that I could not, in fact, do pull ups. But you can bet that to this day I think twice before I use the words "I can't" when it comes to anything that I find daunting. My deepest sympathies on your loss.

Lea and Family -- Sandy and I were very sorry to hear the sad new and our thoughts and prayers are with you in these difficult times. ` I consider myself lucky to have known Clyde. Reading all these messages it's clear that he was special to so many people over the years, and I can't agree enough. Clyde was intensely committed to bringing out the very best in people and he had an uncanny knack for doing it over and over and over. As a coach and as a friend he was a remarkable man who will be missed and remembered fondly by generations of Iowans. ` Memories are special and time heals the hurt. God bless you Clyde.

My sympathy to the Bean family. Following the collapse and death of a City High student who was boarding a school bus at the end of the school day in 1965 or 1966 Mr. Bean taught us all CPR each year. He saw it that we could help someone if needed. He was a friend of my uncle Curley Brack who coached at Lone Tree Ia. May he rest in peace.

My deepest condolences to Clyde's family. I don't think I've ever gone a week or two without thinking of Clyde or my experiences with him. He was a major influence in my life. And I wrestled for him more than 50 yrs ago. He always said to work hard, try your best, and things will work out. Just to show how much an effect he had on me and my brothers, in 2005 I was sitting in my house in Ann Arbor, minding my own business, and I got a phone call. I said hello, and it was my brother tom. He said " jim, I want you to know that this is the last phone call I will make before I commit suicide. Because this was my brother tom, I wasn't sure whether his suicide would be a good thing or a bad thing. But I took the bait and asked why he was intending to kill himself. He said : " I was just at the ncaa tournament and I ran into Clyde bean. I said: " that's great, but why would that make you commit suicide?" He said: " because when I went up to greet him, the first word out of his mouth was " Jimmy!" So even after all these years he still had the power to send one or more of us into a deep depression. But among our family, no one appreciated Clyde more than our mother, who knew that while she was home mothering some of our younger siblings, Clyde was making us older boys do sit-ups, push-ups, and switches. Jim Evashevski

While talking with brothers Jim and Tom who wrestled for Clyde, and Frosty and Bill who didn't, Clyde was a major influence in our lives. I still remember playing cribbage with Clyde and Chic in the H.S. Gym office. I ran into him in 2005 at the NCAA wrestling tournament in Auburn Hills, Mich. and again in 2010 in Iowa City. He was a great man. I would often think that if I influenced even a fraction of the students Clyde did I would consider myself successful as a wrestling coach. He was the reason I coached and wrestled. My condolences to his wonderful family. He will be missed and often thought of.

Our wonderful dad, Wayne Soper van Deest when reflecting on his coaching years at Cedar Rapids Roosevelt High School, would often mention his respect friendship and admiration of coach Clyde Bean. Those years, were his 'glory years', coaching wrestling and tennis. In the 70's, I had to do a practicum for the University of Iowa at Iowa City City High. Mr. Bean conducted it superbly and had asked for our names. On hearing mine, he proceeded to ask if Wayne was my father and launched in to a most humbling reciprocal feelings of our beloved dad in front of all. I was so honored. Untill we all meet again! Godspeed, Timothy Wayne Van Deest

My condolences to the family. My experience with Coach & his family pre-dated my wrestling days on the varsity in 1963-1966. Our family knew the Beans during our church involvement at Gloria Dei Lutheran church. Like Barbara Childs (below), I also graduated with Geri and knew the family well. My sincere condolences from the Bentz family. Clyde was such a positive influence and one of the most remarkable men in my life & I am forever grateful. God bless his family.

Mr. Bean was my PE teacher at City High. I can remember him teasing me about my last name, calling me by whatever day of the week he could think of first. At the time I played like it was no big deal, but I really loved it. Over the years, when I came back to visit in Iowa, if I saw him, he always remembered me. Such a great guy, he will be missed! Laura L Friday

I wrestled for Coach Bean back in the mid to late 80's and he was such a positive influence on me. I broke my arm pretty bad at districts when I was a junior and had 6 hours of surgery. When they wheeled me back into the room at 4:00 am coach was there waiting for me. He didn't even give me the option of not going out the next year. I will always remember that. What a great man positive influence on a somewhat wild teenager. Thanks coach and RIP. You will be remembered!

Coach Bean made a positive presence to all that had contact with him. I remember his smile and his way of engaging all of at City High even if he was not your teacher. Celebrate his life, he certainly has made a difference.

Coach Bean was one of the people that made a positive influence in my life. He will be remembered and missed.

Sorry to hear of Coach Bean's passing. He was a great coach. I was in wrestling '62-'64 and even though I wasn't one of his star athletes I always felt he cared that I was there in that hot, smelly storage room under Southeast Jr. High. Especially when he yelled at me "Farnsworth if you don't start moving a little faster I'm going to plant this shoe in your behind, and if you think that will hurt wait until the eyelets grab on the way out" A person can leave no better legacy than being a positive influence, coach and mentor on our greatest resource, our youth. God's speed coach

It was with sadness I read of Clyde Bean's passing. However, there is a joy in my heart that I had the opportunity to know Coach Bean through wrestling. He will be remembered as a class act by coaches and competitors his teams competed against. I remember the first MVC wrestling coaches meeting I attended in the Fall of '84. I sat next to Clyde. As a rookie I stated," this is all new to me". Clyde replied." if you ever have any questions or need any help give me a call." He stayed true to his word. It was ALWAYS a pleasure to compete against his teams on the mat. Following his retirement, we ran into each other at various places. He always had a smile and the time for a chat. Many a student and athlete have been blessed to know him. May the Peace of the Lord be with You.

Tedi, Tom and sorry to hear of your loss....Ron has very fond memories of your dad Tedi. Please know we are thinking of you, take care dear friends......

My condolences to the family at this time. I have wonderful and fond memories of my years at City High 1966-1960 when I was in his phys ed classes, and even more so the three years i was the manager for the wrestling team. I learned many things from him, and some expressions I use today are expressions I learned from him. Because we lived not far away, there were many times he took me to wrestling practice, or brought me home after practice or after a wrestling meet. I was always ready to listen to the things he talked to me about during those times. A few years ago I was asked who my favourite teachers were in high school, and I have to say he was one of those three top ones. He cared for his students; he was kind and thoughtful. I have thought of him many times over the years.

Lea and kids; it has been a long time since we met at church. You know, Lea, that you and Clyde are the reason Jack and I got to Gloria Dei! We always appreciated you both. Know that I am thinking of you all.

I can't believe that Clyde Bean has passed away. I knew him during my years at City High--1964-1966. I graduated with Geri Bean in 1966. I am keeping your family in my prayers. In the obituary it said the Geri's husband Larry had died. I am so sorry to hear that news.

To the Bean family. Please accept my condolences on the passing of your Father. He was such a wonderful guy and a terrific coach. I have such great memories of him as our coach of our 1970 championship football team at City High. He was so supportive and a real inspiration not only to me but countless other athletes that he coached during his years at City High. I was so excited to see him and talk to him at our 40th class reunion a few years ago. If a person is remembered for the good they did and the people they influenced during their life then Coach Bean will be remembered for a long,long time...Jeff Dean City High class of 1971

Tedi & Bean Family, So sorry for your lost. Your father was a beloved teacher/coach at City High! He will be missed. Memories of our dads discussing football strategies are coming back. Lively conversations to say the least. Take care of yourself and yours. Sending your prayers and hugs!

Dear Lea and Family, Though our feelings of loss in no way compare to yours, we can not express how deeply saddened we are at Clyde's passing. Clyde had a great influence on me during High School, and Kathy gained that same respect during her years with the school district. Our respect for you both turned to love when we became neighbors. We will never forget how Clyde would push our little guys on the swings or would load them up in his wagon or just on his lap and drive them around the yard with his John Deere lawnmower. We were fortunate and so grateful that we found you both at home a few weeks ago and had such a wonderful visit. If we'd had any indication it would be the last time, we would have hugged Clyde a little tighter and a lot longer. Please know we are available to you, anytime, and for whatever reason. Our hearts go out to you all.

Lea, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time. steve and I enjoyed visiting at your home both in Cedar Rapids and in Iowa City on Scyamore after we detasseled corn for City High's weight room. He was a special person to so many and will be missed. Many prayers are with you