Carroll Brown

Born in Carroll, IA
Born on Jul 1, 1934
Departed on May 16, 2024

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Carroll was my dad, Gary Allan Brown’s, cousin. Carroll and Arlene came to many Brown Family Events, providing me many minutes of visiting with him, which I always made a point to do, He lived in Marion, and I took my mom with to visit Arlene and him. One year, I got birthday gifts that were useful (like new towels for using by the sink…) and mom and I surprised him for his birthday, staying and visiting an hour or so. I was quite accustomed to seeing him around town, usually with Arlene, and always driving Sheprd1 on his license plate, so I was easily able to identify that I was actually seeing HIM vs someone else. Sometimes, I walked into the restaurant like MaidRite when it was still open, and grab and seat and visit while they finished eating. He always seemed to be tickled that I pulled up a chair, not only visited with, but came to find him! And when Bryan (my husband) and I had our store in the Owen building in UpTown, Marion, he would stop in and visit with us. Carroll has a lot of family in the Carroll area including rural Churdan, Iowa. My dad and I developed a very psychic type relationship, especially the last 3 months of his life. I would like to say that I believe that’s why I looked Carroll up online today,, learning he passed away and his services are today. My dad would want us to think of Carroll, celebrate his life, and enjoy great memories of him. Thus, I am doing just that. We know he is resting peacefully now, along with his cousin, Gary (and many others), celebrated and honored for the good human being that he was, in heaven, where good people including servants of the word, as he was. Some knew him as Reverend, others as Pastor, Mr. Brown and the like….to me, he was Carroll, dad’s cousin. And I will always remember him as such a happy, cheerful man, that looked like my dad’s father due to genes, yet had a heart of gold and a smile and hug and laughter, every time I saw him. Always remembering you, Carroll Brown. Rest easy good servant of the lord. Rest in peace. Ruthie (Brown) Dolezal, Marion, Iowa (*Thank you Pastor Mike for your kind words!)

I was on a Washington DC trip with Mr. Brown back in 1990. I have never forgotten him. I remember walking through Arlington with him. I learned a lot from him. My prayers go out to his entire family. He was an amazing person!

Carroll was such a faithful, kind and encouraging pastor and man. It was my privilege to be a colleague of his. He was a wonderful supporter of young clergy. I pray God’s blessing on his family that you might be blessed with great memories and the certainty of his resurrection. Pastor Mike Morgan Marion Methodist

Dear Family, Carroll was one of my most favorite persons. He had a strong desire to serve both the Lord, and others. He was a patient and humble man. He rarely turned down an invitation to preach or to play the piano for God might use it to touch someone’s heart. I had opportunities to work alongside Carroll on many occasions. It was always a joy to serve with him; he taught me so much. What I loved most about Carroll was his love for ALL people. He didn’t judge. We worked together on lots of Emmaus Walks. Whenever I found out I’d be on the same team as Carroll, I knew things were going to go well. Carroll was my colleague, my mentor, and my friend. I will miss him. Family, I'm very sorry for your great loss, and I’m praying for you during your time of grief.

My father, Howard Gardner, enjoyed Carroll at St. Marks. When my dad got sick Carroll often came to visit him. My sympathies.

dear family, gus and i had such fun and happy times with carroll and arlene. i missed hearing from him this christmas, but have his piano music. he was such a comfort to us when our daughter died. his ministry provided many blessings while they were in oelwein, as did their singing in choir. our daughters enjoyed the youth trip to D.C. with pastor carroll very much =) sympathy and love, sue

Carroll was one of the Iowa UM pastors I served alongside in several appointments. He was always an encourager and a compassionate person. His smile was always so engaging. I know his family and neighbors will miss him.