Sara Perske

Born in Cedar Rapids, IA
Born on Jul 26, 1994
Departed on Nov 30, 2023

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Sara called me Nini as all my family does. Her and her parents embraced me with open arms. Im pretty sure there were times when I lived with them for a week straight. I remember riding in the back of her parents big old truck looking at the stars on our way to Sams club. We'd always get a slice of pizza! I remember doing all those teenager things like sneaking out and driving way too far late at night. I remember playing her dads Playstation when we werent supposed to and taking silly pictures on it! (Sorry Ron!) I remember helping care for her silly animals. You know what? Sara had some of the strongest legs I've ever seen on a person, yes she worked them out! Haha! I remember playing IMVU on the computer with her. I'd never seen someone type so fast and be SO particular about grammar. I remember when we had monopoly game set up for a week straight! I remember she'd lay on the top bunk texting and I'd zombie out on the Wii. I remember playing too much nintendo ds and she loved her some Halo, omg! I remember editing our Vampire Freaks accounts together. I remember having ridiculous answering machines together. LMAO! Sara loved to go on adventures. She loved to have fun. She's such a fiery spirit. Fiercely protective of those she cares about! I remember getting yelled at by my own mom and Sara yelled right back at her. HAHAHAH. Sara you will be missed by so many people and I'll cherish all those moments we had together. You made my teen years worth living. Love you SARSA.

Sara and I met in 2017 and quickly hit it off. Less than a year later we'd have our beautiful daughter Aurora. I remember how full of loife she was and how excited she was to have her rainbow baby. We'd talk about games, movies and go on long drives regularly. She would love playing VR and getting the pants scared off her, and jump on again. While Sara and I didn't have our happy ending together, I still cared for her a great deal not just as our daughters mom but as a person and someone important to me. I hope she is finally resting easy.

I would spend a lot of weekends at Sara's her parents were mom and dad to me. If she got in trouble so did I. I have to many favorite memories with her. when I first met Sara it was Halloween and my sister (Nina) invited me to go out with her and her friend (Sara) her mom and dad clung to all of us kids (over protective but good) Sara and I ran ahead of the group a little and she just started talking about school of all things I really wasn't much of a people person so I kept quite but she just wouldn't leave me alone! and the next thing ik I've had a best friend/sister for 18 years all because she wouldn't take no as an answer to anything she was strong willed and stubborn. So stubborn that I told her 9/13/18 to keep her legs closed because I was having a c section that day that nope she had to have her daughter first (only by a couple hours so it don't count she and I laughed and alot about that) Sara will be missed forever

I remember Sara and my daughter Melissa (Missy) were inseparable for the longest time. They did everything together. My fondest memory is when Sara went to Backbone with our family. She was the first to start climbing up on things and everyone followed her lead. Sara will be truly missed, but we will carry her in our hearts.

Sara was one of my best friends back when I was in my twenties,but sadly as we got older we went separate ways but still kept in contact. I wished I reached out more. I will miss your smile and all the great memories we shared

No matter how much words I say will will replace the sorrow in the heart she was a sister to me and my brothers and a daughter that my dad never had I'm sorry for the family's loss and I know I'm going to miss her more than anything my condolence