William Woodward

Born in Cedar Rapids, IA
Born on May 16, 1960
Departed on Jan 17, 2021

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I love you SOOOOOOO soo much Uncle Bill. I have countless memories of joy, love, and fun from you!!!! Your soul was full of laughter and wonder about so many things! Thank you for your love and your boundless support! You are loved, and you will always be loved!!!!!

I have to say goodbye to another member of AlphaTeamOmega. Bill and I created this comic book series back in the late 80's under the banner of Fantasy Graphics. The series was to be based on 5 friends that discovered something magical. Little did I know that would be Bill's friendship. He was My First partner and my lonest friend. A hell of an artist and a dear friend. R.I.P. Omega. Alpha will hold the fort for you.

My deepest heartfelt condolences goes out to Linda. I have known Woody, as I called him all of my life, since the seventh grade. He was by far one of the best artists I ever knew. It seemed as if every time a tragedy happened in my life he was always there for me. I've always been told that if you meet a friend, you're lucky. If your friend turns out to be your best friend you're blessed. I guess I was both lucky and blessed. Woody was the only friend I ever had. Rest in peace my friend.