JoAnn Peremsky

Born on Apr 10, 1931
Departed on Apr 20, 2021

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JoAnn Katherine Gabriel Peremsky, 90, of Cedar Rapids, was born on April 10, 1931 to parents Gwendolyn Clark-Gabriel and Joseph (Daddy) Gabriel. She passed away on April 20, 2021 from Multiple Sclerosis surrounded by her loved ones. Per JoAnn’s wishes she donated her body to the University of Iowa; Carver College of Medicine. 

JoAnn was the matriarch to this family, as well as the mother superior at Hawkeye Fire and Safety where she worked until she was 83 years old. She loved her vodka with three olives, and a splash of water. She was the best smokin’ co-pilot, and always up for an adventure to anywhere. She was always meeting new friends at the many ball games and swim meets during her smoke breaks. Whether she was sunning on the Clayton dock or running braless in her moo-moo to prove a point, she was one to always make people laugh. She was a mentor throughout her many years, and a therapist to all who crossed her path. JoAnn had an extreme sweet tooth and always had jars of snacks available, she never passed on anything lemon, but was also known as the human garbage disposal never letting things go to waste. She was always very protective of the chocolate chips cookies that Tommy and Mary sent her, and never shared with anyone.  She loved to sit on her porch at Clayton and have good conversations about anything and everything, and watching for trains and yelling “where are all my little people at?”, then blowing her whistle. She was an official WOW and LOW girl, and participated and witnessed many nights of debauchery. She was a ferocious bridge player back in the day with all her friends, and was a crossword enthusiast. She enjoyed many haircuts (some even on the porch at Clayton, by a water gun no less), and getting her nails cut and painted by her grandkids.  She was a slipper coinsurer because her feet were always cold.  She always was around to “loan” out cigarettes, and never complained when they went missing, which happened quite often. She would tell people how proud she was of her grandkids, and family. There was never a color of duct tape she didn’t like or want to use to fix anything. She was the master of matching socks and considered a laundry specialist. She made tons of AFC’s throughout her lifetime for lots of people. She was known for her famous quote of “the thing of that thing” and we almost always knew what she was talking about.

JoAnn had an extremely large extended family and everyone had something special to remember her by, so we wanted to make sure and get funny statements, memories or quotes to remember her by.

Sue (daughter) – Now, who am I going to call at 4:20 every day?
Bill (SIL) – I hated seeing her standing in the septic tank….
Tom (son) – Chocolate chip cookies!
Mary (DIL) – I will only eat one layer!
Austin (grandson) – She loved her “Austin chairs”!
Jenny (GD in-law) – If you knew her, you loved her and you felt loved by her.
Cade (g-grandson – Sorry Cade I am never letting you eat macaroni and cheese and hotdogs ever again.
Brooke (granddaughter) – Hello Beautiful, how is my favorite person…always and forever. 
Joe (GS in-law) – Why do I keep buying you good vodka, if you keep drinking the other stuff…
Jocelyn (g-granddaughter) – You are always taller when I see you, honey.
Braley(g-granddaughter) – She said I give the best hugs! And she is right!
Tyler (grandson) – AFC…all the time
Rilea (GD in-law) - I just love slippers you got me from T. J. Maxx!
Mason (g-grandson) – Hey Gigi!
Wriglea (g-grandson)– Yeah’
Kaylyn (granddaughter) – Hey there pretty lady, you like?
Jozie (g-granddaughter)– Where did you put my grabber thingy things?
Tatum (g-grandson) – Ggggiiiiii
Pam (sister) – She made three little words famous - “That one thing”
Marc (BIL)– Thank you Aunt Jo for all the cocktails tours on the pontoon!
Johnny (brother) – Thanks for smoking!
Launi (SIL) –She loved sausage pizza with white sauce please!
Bette (Sister) – I was the annoying little youngest sibling (23 years younger than JoAnn) but she loved me anyway. 
Gary (BIL) – Her snappy responses were “bite me”.
Bud (Nephew) – She told me once: We always try to find humility in things that aren’t normally funny.
Barb/Mike/Clare/Matt (Nieces/NIL)– As “your people” we promise to laugh, welcome friends for cards, sit on the cabin porch to watch kids, go on cocktail cruises, always have dessert on a date night, speak in “things”, and write memories in the book like you taught us.
Jacob (GNIL) – Thanks for always having the snack jars full!
Evan (GNIL) – I’m already on the old cement AUNT JO…..
Ayden (G-Nephew) – Clayton days when you were there were the best days!
The Snitker Family – I need the thing, over by the thing, that does that one thing.
Connor (Nephew) – If you are ever too drunk, and you are lying in bed, just put your leg over the side and your foot on the floor.
Cody (Nephew) – No one wears a seatbelt in Dorksville! 
Chris, Emily, Megan, Molly, Barb, Tom and the Colorado family, Di, Jim, Courtney and Reece, Jimmy and Cyndi, John (lemon cookie supplier), Judy, (late) Bill senior, and her Texas family, her Mississippi river family, South Carolina family and lots of others that she impacted in her amazing life. 

Per JoAnn’s wishes there will be a party to celebrate her life on May 8, 2021 at the 909/Knights of Columbus, 1620 E Ave NE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa from 3:00pm – 6:00pm. There will be food and refreshments. All are welcome!