Scott Thompson

Born on Oct 18, 1965
Departed on Aug 9, 2019

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A Tribute to Scott Thompson Daniel Aucutt, August 2019 Scott had a gift for encouraging me to consider wiser alternatives in my youth when I when I was going astray, which was usually on a weekly basis. He was frequently going astray with me, but he had the good sense to know when the party was over and that it was time to have breakfast, usually at three o’clock in the morning. Scott loved food. Grilled or deep fried anything did not last long in his presence. Food and friends were pillars of Scott’s youth. We were part of a group that formed at Prairie High School in the early 1980s. That gang included some extraordinary, rather charismatic fellows, like Dale, Dean, Duane, Joe, Brett, and Scott’s younger brother, Bill. Like many of our peers, we caroused for fun and females, although the latter were elusive at first. We loved music so much that we formed a post-punk band called Spontaneous Combustion, then Avant Garden. With the notable exception of Joe, the rest of us fumbled through chords and keys to forge raw, primitive songs. Scott eventually managed the drums and accompanied Duane and Joe to New York City. They assembled a new crew with fresh material. They played gigs in Manhattan, including the renowned CBGBs. Years later, when I returned to Iowa City for graduate school, Scott and I shared a mutual interest in things spiritual and attended church together. We frequently discussed passages in Scripture that reflected the power and majesty of Jesus. We both knew that we needed that power to live better lives, and we also knew that we frequently fell short of the faith. In recent years, Scott had a growing and tremendous struggle with illness that defied my understanding. Everyone who was close to Scott must have felt powerless about the failure of his treatments to bring lasting relief. I think that Nadine, his mom, provided the most wonderful care and comfort possible under those trying circumstances. The only recourse I knew was to place Scott in the loving, merciful care of Christ. Farewell my friend. You will be sorely missed.