Anita Render

Born on Dec 4, 1945
Departed on Jan 22, 2024

Coach Render, very sorry for your loss.

Megan, so sorry to hear about your mother. She was a wonderful lady, beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. Please let us know if we can do anything for you. Leo Williams

Wayne, Megan and all of Anita's family. I am so sorry to see that Anita passed away. She was a very good friend. I have great memories of us working at AT&T and in the admissions office at Mount Mercy. When retired we would meet at Red Lobster and update each other on our families! Jackie Bucklin

Megan and Wayne, I was very sad to read of your loss of Anita. She was a fun friend that I worked with at AT&T and in the Mount Mercy Admissions office! When we retired we both looked forward to meeting at Red Lobster, to catch up on what we and our families were doing. Jackie Bucklin

Coach Render and family, so sorry for your loss.

Anita holds a special place in our hearts, as she was a primary reason we moved here from out of state, to take a job at Mount Mercy. She was so kind, thoughtful, and giving; so much so, that when my interview took 2 hours more than we had been told it would and my husband was left wrangling 3 kiddos under the age of 5 (one being 6 months old), she took it upon herself to help him. When she saw my husband struggling to change a diaper in the car, she invited them into the office, got the older two set up with stickers, paper and markers to color with, and provided snacks and drinks for all. And when we saw her recently, she hugged my youngest - now 18, and shared that story of how she knew her as a baby - literally. And when I told my husband of Anita's passing, he expressed how sad it made him because "she was one of the good ones". She really was. So, I wanted you to know the impact she had on our life's trajectory, something we will be forever grateful for. Sending your family our prayers for peace and healing in the coming weeks ahead.

Wayne, So sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers... Hugs to you... Take Care...