Fall Total Cleanup - Thursday, October 15

On August 10, 2020, a derecho — a long-lasting, straight-line storm — swept through eastern Iowa with hurricanic winds, tornadic forces and heavy rains, casing unprecedented damage.

We have nearly completed Phase 1 of our cleanup efforts at Cedar Memorial Park Cemetery, which includes removal of large trees, dangerous hanging limbs, and addressing other safety concerns.

We are now removing small debris and assessing the damage.

Please understand that we will not be able to mow some areas of the cemetery park due to debris and damage incurred

We appreciate the community's support and continued patience as we work to restore the cemetery

In conformity with our Floral Regulations, all grave decorations will be removed and disposed of immediately beginning Thursday, October 15 at 7:00 a.m.

We recognize that many decorations were lost due to the devastating storm, but if you still have floral tributes in place and would like to keep them, please remove them by Wednesday, October 14. We kindly request that no further tributes are placed until after November 15th.

Decorations in temporary containers may be placed again starting on November 15 to allow for the continued Derecho cleanup efforts. Please remember use of permanent vases is not permitted between October 15 and April 1.

For more information on floral regulations, please visit Floral Guidelines

Thank you for helping us maintain the beauty of Cedar Memorial Park Cemetery.